Talk 1 – Ageing Sexuality

Fact – We are all subject to the natural process of ageing.

Often accompanied by illnesses, the effects of abusive relationships, years of stress and anxiety and an ever changing body. Dr Eve author of “Ageing Sexuality – A 21st Century Guide to Sexual Health” will present amazing information on how to balance this natural process and overcome some of the challenges of human sexuality through the golden years.

  • From Retirement to Refinement
  • Sexuality after Menopause
  • Cougars, Toy Boys and Long Term partners
  • The new sexual market place – from Viagra to Testosterone
  • Coming out of the closet – Curious and Kinky

Talk 2 – Cyber Infidelity

Hand over your device. Allow Dr Eve to scroll through your content. She  bets that she may find pornography, Face Book chats, Whatsapp messages, naked photos you have sent and received and maybe even your profile on .  Just another day in your online and Real Life world. Your partner may be horrified, hurt beyond reason and accuse you of cheating. You will probably deny cheating, vigorously protesting and claiming innocence by saying something like: “It’s not that I was having sex or anything!”.  Welcome to Cyber Infidelity! Utilizing the data base of, Dr Eve brings you fascinating facts and lots of fun from her upcoming book: Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction (Launch date – June 2015).

  • Create your own unique definition of Cyber Infidelity.
  • Chat In Real Time about the differences between your online and Real Life communication styles and personas.
  • Affordable, Anonymous and Accessible – I indulge because I can..
  • Is explicit, sexy pornography the new form of cheating?
  • Do women behave differently when online than offline?
  • Sexual fidelity, commitment and monogamy – old fashioned values to make you reconsider your relationship rules.
  • Netiquette – pioneering guidelines to manage and integrate your online and Real Life relationships

Johannesburg 09 & 10 May 2015                     Durban 13 May 2015 (1 Day Event)                    Cape Town 16 & 17 May 2015
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