Talk 1 – Consciousness and Eroticism

Plato said: “Eros leads us to Gnosis.”

If you are to become capable of making your sexuality your meditation, it will be necessary to address the tendency of the mind to conjure erotic imaginings when sexual things happen. The Advait Tantra School has been working with eroticism in individual sessions work, with couples, weekend groups and residential retreats. Rahasya describes the theory, the methods and the results of this area of his teaching, including:

  • The core attitude of totality which is common to most forms of tantra.
  • The natural relationship of childhood trauma to eroticism.
  • Why erotic work in tantra was almost unknown in the ancient world and why it is important nowadays.
  • Making up for lost time, even a lot of lost time.
  • How we work with eroticism in sessions.
  • Finding balance and the guidance of your true inclinations.
  • The spiritual prize for completing the erotic journey.


Talk 2 – Potentials of Human Sexuality – Lessons from Tantra

Tantra is known for its sexual practices – for cultivating unusual levels of sexual energy and using it as fuel to enhance meditation. In developing the necessary capacities and capabilities for this, tantrikas have made a deep exploration of sexuality which, in many areas exceeds or completes the understandings of Western sexual science. Areas which Rahasya addresses from a dozen years of guiding tantrikas include:

  • Common mistakes in lovemaking.
  • Recovering our respect for the yoni.
  • Ejaculation, orgasm and bliss.
  • Recovering the naturalness of our sexuality.
  • Sensing and directing the electrical energy of the body, known as prana.

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