Talk 1 – Conscious Relationships & Psychospiritual Maturity

Have you ever noticed that it is those we love the most, to whom we have given the most vulnerable aspects of ourselves, that can push our buttons the hardest? That the deeper we go into an intimate relationship, the more that person can hurt us, and often do? There is a reason for this, and it is a part of a natural developmental process that we are all participating in, psychospiritual maturation.

Once we consciously understand how this maturation process affects our perceptions of self and other, and the manner in which we project this process onto others in a co-creative play of triggers and trauma, we become empowered with a toolset towards beautiful relationships of honesty, vulnerability, and self-responsibility.

  • What is Psychospiritual Maturation?
  • The 4 categories of relationships.
  • Projection, blame, and emotional triggers.
  • A heritage of trauma
  • Becoming empowered through uncomfortable emotions
  • Shifting from unconscious relationships of defensive reactivity that protect from emotional vulnerability, towards conscious relationships of supportive creativity that encourage confident vulnerability and emotional openness.


Talk 2 – The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy: Consciousness And Creation In Lovemaking

An emergent theme in Conscious Sexuality is that of the energy of arousal and act of lovemaking as an expression of spirituality. Whether it is the contemporary schools of Sexual Tantra or Taoist Sexual practices, the embracing of our sexual potential as a means of empowerment and even spiritual transformation is gaining popularity.  We are blessed with the potentials of self-awareness, creativity, and bodies capable of holding massive levels of sensual bliss. In this lecture I will outline where I feel we can take these potentials in our sexual presence with ourselves and with our partners.

  • Sexual energy & consciousness
  • Harnessing arousal
  • Training the body for ecstasy
  • Partnership and celibacy
  • Polyamory and monogamy
  • The depths of love
  • Sex as practical mysticism

Johannesburg 09 & 10 May 2015                     Durban 13 May 2015 (1 Day Event)                    Cape Town 16 & 17 May 2015
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