Talk 1 – Redefining Marriage & Long Term Relationships

In her presentation, Sasha Cobra will focus on unraveling the deeper, subconscious influences that commonly afflict people in long term relationships. It is widely accepted that couples who stay together long enough may experience sexual lulls and sometimes a loss of desire for each other. Some of the questions to be addressed in this talk are:

  • How do we sustain the passion in committed relationships?
  • How do we endure the stresses of daily life without sacrificing our sexuality?
  • Do we really know the person we call our life partner?
  • Can we truly be vulnerable in the presence of our partner?
  • What causes the isolation, despair and loneliness in people?
  • How can we improve our level of relating within intimate relationships?


Talk 2 – The Sacred Masculine (Resurrecting the Warrior Within)

“In our society, no provisions have been created for men to be able to unburden themselves of emotional traumas, pent up feelings, fears and deep blocks around their sexuality and basic confusion around what it means to be a man. This causes many men to have difficulty finding deep connections with women, fully satisfying women sexually, understanding the intricate dynamics of male/female relating and having the capacity to decipher between reality and social conditionings.”

Sasha Cobra will take us on a journey of resurrecting men as initiators, protectors and warriors of truth…


Dates – 23 & 24 May 2015

Johannesburg only

Foe details

Johannesburg 09 & 10 May 2015                     Durban 13 May 2015 (1 Day Event)                    Cape Town 16 & 17 May 2015
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