Talk 1 – Tantra: From Sex to Samadhi: The Secrets of Sexual Alchemy

Margot Anand presents the theory and practice of the Path she developed and has taught all over the world: SkyDancing Tantra.

In SkyDancing Tantra  sexuality, as it is perceived through the body, through the heart, through the mind, and through the spirit becomes the fuel for Awakening. The central practice of SkyDancing Tantra is the art of love making in which one unites energy and consciousness either alone, in oneself, or with a partner. This process can be practiced by singles, hetero sexual couples, same sex couples, and lovers of all races, religions and races without limitations.

The steps

  • The view : your world exists because of an act of love between Shiva and Shakti – the marriage between body and spirit.
  • All happenings, sexual or not, are an opportunity to wake up to your full creative potential
  • Sexual Wounds and how they happen
  • Sexual healing and how it happens
  • The Multi orgasmic response: how it happens
  • Sexual alchemy: the process by which you transmute sexual orgasm into bliss and beyond


Talk 2 – Margot Anand’s Secrets to the Ultimate Love Life

Margot Anand has taught and coached more than 40.000 people in the art of Sexual Ecstasy. Here are the secrets to great love making which she discovered and shared:

  • The best way to Create a Sacred Space and why it is essential
  • Awaken your Inner Lover
  • Discover your secret sexual anatomy and its orgasmic potential
  • Enjoy the best Sensory Awakening Ritual you ever gave and received, here is how  (segments of Margot’s film shown here)
  • Develop your Sexual Fitness Training
  • Discover the Art of Seduction (segments of Margot’s film shown here)
  • The keys to pleasuring yourself and each other
  • EyeGazing : the importance of connecting soul to soul
  • Secret of becoming a great tantric lover
  • Sexual alchemy : Riding the Wave of Bliss : The Art of merging with each other

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Dates – 23 & 24 May 2015

Johannesburg only

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Johannesburg 09 & 10 May 2015                     Durban 13 May 2015 (1 Day Event)                    Cape Town 16 & 17 May 2015
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