Talk 1 — Reading the Body

Any animal’s body can be read like a book, and the human body reads like a pornographic novel. From the design of our genitalia (external testicles, size and shape of the penis, permanently swollen breasts) to the chemical composition of semen and the changing acidity of the vagina—our bodies tell an unmistakably juicy story about our hypersexual ancestors. Without an understanding of human sexuality unclouded by unfounded cultural and religious dogma (often masquerading as science), we cannot begin to understand our own behavior, or have any hope of answering common questions like:

  • Why do women take longer than men to become aroused?
  • Why can women have multiple orgasms, but men can’t?
  • Why do many women have difficulty reaching orgasm at all while many men have difficulty delaying theirs?
  • What can we learn about human sexuality from studying other primates?
  • Why are so many people willing to risk so much just to have sex with someone new?

Sex at Dawn

Talk 2 — A Sexual World Tour

When it comes to sex, we’re all quick to assume our own experience is “normal.” But when it comes to sex, there is no “normal.” In this talk, I’ll first establish a common sexual ground: what I think we can safely assume about most or all human sexual experience. Then I’ll take us on an X-rated National Geographic Expedition to get a sense of some of the amazing varieties of sexual experience around the world, including:

  • Societies that have no notion of homosexuality, although same-sex interactions are commonplace.
  • Cultures where sex with someone other than your normal partner is obligatory during certain festivals.
  • A society where both men and women are totally sexually independent, where every interaction is seen as a one-time event, biological paternity is unimportant, and lovers never live together.
  • Tribes where women are eager to sleep with multiple men, so her baby will have several fathers.
  • A look at how marriage, divorce, adultery, jealousy, and child care are handled in these cultures.

After this tour of the sexual world, we’ll return to the here and now to apply these lessons to our own conundrum, addressing some of the deep conflicts raging at the heart of modern sexuality.

  • What can we do about the roughly half of all marriages that collapse under an unstoppable tide of swirling sexual frustration, libido-killing boredom, impulsive betrayal, dysfunction, confusion, and shame?
  • Is so-called “serial monogamy” really our best option? It stretches before (and behind) many of us like an archipelago of failure: isolated islands of transitory happiness in a cold, dark sea of disappointment.
  • How many of the couples who manage to stay together over the long haul have done so by resigning themselves to sacrificing their eroticism on the altar of three of life’s irreplaceable joys: family stability,


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