“Everyone thinks their problems are worse than others’.  In reality, we’re all facing the same one… How to be more  conscious at any given moment. Through unconsciousness, we allow ourselves to be institutionalized and programmed in many ways against our nature. This creates a continuous conflict between our primal energies and the ideas we have about who we are. 
To live authentically and in alignment with one’s natural energy is one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions an individual may face in a lifetime. It requires being brutally honest with oneself to see and understand the patterns created which cause separations between you and infinite possibilities. This is the challenge I have welcomed, committed my life to and inspire others to embrace.” – Sasha Cobra


Nitvana Bodywork

In our society, no provisions have been created for men to be able to unburden themselves of emotional traumas, pent up feelings, fears and deep blocks around their sexuality and basic confusion around what it means to be a man.This causes many men to have difficulty finding deep connections with women, fully satisfying women sexually, understanding the intricate dynamics of male/female relating and having the capacity to decipher between reality and social conditionings. This body oriented work, coupled with insights into Sexuality, Spirituality and Relating, addresses all of these concerns to facilitate transformation and blossoming of the “Distinguished Man”.



Dates – 23 & 24 May 2015

Johannesburg only

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Johannesburg 09 & 10 May 2015                     Durban 13 May 2015 (1 Day Event)                    Cape Town 16 & 17 May 2015
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