Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods Tour South Africa

Listen to Graham Hancock being interviewed by Suzanne Styles of MixFM!

Full Day Seminars in Johannesburg & Cape Town
Ancient Mysteries, Altered States & The War on Consciousness.
This October 2014, Graham Hancock, bestselling British investigative author of Fingerprints of the Gods, Underworld and Supernatural will share his radical theories and philosophy at events in South Africa.
A master storyteller, Graham weaves recurring historical themes with the most profound questions: What happens after we die? What is the true nature of consciousness? How did human culture emerge and what lessons can be learnt from our past?
Presenting a retrospective of early work and an exclusive preview of new research from his forthcoming book, Graham will share powerful new evidence of an incredible historical mystery that will challenge our understanding of humanity’s origins and the very nature of consciousness. Click Itinerary to see detailed program. (By Doron Francis, Lost Tribes Australia) 

Limited seats available so


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