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David Icke’s “WorldWide Wake Up” Tour 2016 / 2017

FORCED  to abandon his dream career as goalkeeper for Coventry City at the age of 21 because of rheumatoid arthritis, David Icke became a popular figure as sports presenter at the BBC while representing the Green Party as official spokesman. After recurring epiphanies that led to a journey of profound synchronicities and enquiry, Icke embarked on his current career of investigative journalism and international author.  Despite his theories often being used as humorous jibes by comedians, a strong fan following expressed through sold out seminars across the globe gave credence to his research and theories and solidified his role as publicly giving voice to questions that many did not have the strength to ask or answer.

In recent years, alternative versions of reality that were previously dismissed as “conspiracy theories” have increasingly taken up the spotlight as facts emerge in support of these sometimes controversial claims. At the forefront of this profession is bestselling UK author and speaker, David Icke. His “Worldwide Wake Up” Tour is the culmination of a 25 year career exposing hidden political agendas, espionage, secret societies and covert manipulation of the masses. Often the target for mainstream media smear campaigns led by prominent political figures and media celebrities and having withstood ongoing mass  public ridicule, many of David Icke’s “absurd” theories have been confirmed as truth and are unfolding before our very eyes today.     

Since the early nineties and throughout his extensive career, David repeatedly made predictions of future world events based on his research at given times. He wrote extensively about a group of families linked by bloodline that control the major economies and consequently, the governments of the world. Exposing a hidden agenda to enslave humanity through the introduction of a fascist world government that will rule over all of humanity via a centralized world bank, a one world army and a gigantic  police state. A world where fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech, thought and expression is disallowed and punishable by being branded as “terrorism”. Where any opposition to the ruling elite is stomped out by the use of force and financial  mechanisms of control. According to David Icke, the trigger for this illustrious ideal will be a third world war that will forever transform life on the planet, presenting the opportunity to usher in the New World Order to an unsuspecting and accepting, post war humanity.

David Icke will also be launching his latest book at “Worldwide Wake Up” Tour called “Phantom Self” which offers solutions to society’s challenges highlighted in his life’s work. Focusing on David’s fundamental belief that a worldwide awakening of humanity is imminent where the individual undergoes an integral transformation from what he refers to as the “Phantom Self” to Universal Truth and Interconnected Consciousness. He illustrates how deconstructing the false ego of self identification through confronting the truths  of our current disempowering reality is crucial for humanity’s evolution. The current state of the world is only a reflection of the inner state of the individual. In order to create a harmonious reality, it is necessary for the individual to explore the deeper realms of their own consciousness which projects onto the collective reality, unlocking our limitless potential as sovereign beings. 

It is obvious that our world is undergoing major changes with the threat of world war, an impending financial collapse, the rapid deterioration of individual and community ethics and the dehumanization of entire societies. We live in a time where humanity is being asked to choose between apathy and taking responsibility for the world that we have helped create. Once again, David Icke has answered the call with the launch of his latest book “Phantom Self”. The “Worldwide Wake Up Tour” is sure to be a paradigm shifting experience for all that would like to push the boundaries of their consciousness.